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Not sure which sweet to pick?

Like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the best way is to try them all out. However - we might be able to help you select a sweet with this guideline.

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Super Sweet

In general, any dessert containing syrup is going to be as sweet as it gets.

Those treats are Baklava and Revani (available year-round) as well as Kourkoubinia, Melomakarona, Pourakia and Roxakia (available seasonally).


Medium Treat

Most of our cookies belong to this category of medium sweetness. 

Koulourakia and Kourabiedes (year-round recipes) as well as Coffee Cookie Swirls and Two-Toned Cookies (seasonal treats) are Goldilocks' happy place. 

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Subtle Peep

These treats are the least sweet as they lack toppings like syrup or powdered sugar. These are good for those looking for only a hint of sweetness.

Sesame Cookies and Amigdalota (seasonal recipes) are such sweets.