The Story Behind the Aprons

It started out with us literally wanting one "boukia" - a bite - of our favorite sweets that first time we didn't get to fly back to Greece for the summer.

So we started digging through our family recipes. And by that I mean recipes that date back to when our great-grandmother lived in Asia Minor (modern day Turkey). Days later, we made our first baklava; from there it snowballed into the tiny, two sister operation we call "Boukia".

Can't quite imagine it? Allow us to paint the picture.

In Short -

We are a small CFO (Cottage Food Operation), certified by the San Francisco Department of Public Health and we are both certified by the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals to bake you goodies. 

We use top quality ingredients. We love extra virgin Greek olive oil, honey and spices - such as cinnamon and ground clove - that immerse the senses in the aromas and flavors of the mediterranean and the middle east. 

Special thanks to our lovely locker room ladies (and gents of course!) for helping us spread the word about our tiny business. And all our friends who lent us their taste buds to give us an honest opinion about our recipes. We would definitely not be here (um, or anywhere) without you. Love you!