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Our Staff

- Danae -
Aside from doing the math (bless her) and keeping the books, she brings this website to life with incredible descriptions for our products and always looks for the best and most high quality ingredients to use in our business.

- Kristina -
When she’s not daydreaming, she’s doodling, working on this site, taking product pictures for the website (or more rarely instagram - as in, very), or trying to find eco-friendly ways to package our sweets.

We both jump in when it comes to the actual baking part (it’s our most favorite), and we like to do our taxes together because otherwise it’s scary.



It all started that one summer…

We’d been spending each of the three hottest months of every year of our lives in Greece - so the first time we stayed behind we were torn. And hungry.

We just wanted a whiff. A taste. A “boukia” (bite-size), if you will, of our most favorite treat (yeah, good luck keeping that list tiny). So we grabbed our mother’s recipe book, a spatula and pan, and started baking.

At first, it was only to re-live our amazing experiences and reminisce with the mouthwatering cookies and cakes that had become synonymous with ‘summer’. Then it just seemed like a nice idea to have them at birthday parties and friendly gatherings. It was only after months of baking that we decided to make something more official for our sweets, so here we are!



Recent Press

We are both certified by the San Francisco Department of Public Health and by the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals to bake you goodies!